Working Hard

I was just doing some work on my paper on urban greening when I realized I needed to check facebook, skype people, and listen to clips of old Jackson 5 songs on itunes.  Damn you internet!  I also finally downloaded Spotify (the European version of Pandora….kind of……).  That’s where the Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 thing came from.  I’m listening to “Got to Be There” and it has a very Wings-y feel to it.  It could be because I was listening to Wings 15 minutes ago, but Michael’s vocals has a stark resemblance to Sir Paul’s on this track.

Yes, I am spending my Friday in the cold library.  I have two big papers due in two weeks, which really need to be worked on before the night before.  Maybe even more than 2 nights before.  I am still adjusting my writing to the Masters level and I want to make sure it’s up to speed by the time I finish these two assignments and head into Winter break.

Can’t believe Winter break will be here in two weeks!  It should be an interesting month “break.”  And by break I need to finish two assignments and get really cracking on my dissertation.  I will be enjoying a futbol match at Anfield (Fulham v. Liverpool!) and a week or so in London with Mum.  So far that’s the only stuff in cement.  I may be taking a couple other trips out and about.  If I have to sit here in Preston for more than a few days, I do think I will go crazy.  So escaping will be necessary even if I will have school work to do.

I am finishing my night off with some Billie Jean as remixed by Kanye West.  Tight.   I would be listening to Kanye’s new album on repeat right now, but iTunes has decided not to accept my debit card as an acceptable form of payment.  Don’t know but I am a bit fussed about it.

It’s 12:30 AM and I need to eat dinner.  Time to check out some books and take this party back to the semi-detatched.  Peace out kids.

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