#40 Hops and Glory

This has to be quick.  I’m supposed to be reading an article for class right now.  Last night I finished Hops and Glory, a really good book about the history of IPA and one man (Pete Brown) recreating the journey from England to India.  Well, as best he could.  I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to hear of Pete Brown.  Really a good read.  I have ordered his other books about beer and I look forward to reading them in the near future.  If you like beer and history, you’ll like this one.

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5 thoughts on “#40 Hops and Glory

  1. MikeMcG

    Just spotted your comments on Pete Brown’s blog about not being able to find decent hoppy beer in the North West (thought here was a more sensible place to reply?).

    At least on Merseyside & Manchester, if you know where to go you can usually find a fair few decent (probably fairly low ABV) hoppy beers.

    Where abouts are you? You can also ask on Twitter (I’m @MikeMcGWirral ) or scan a Good Beer Guide?

    better luck on finding local hoppiness :~)

    • ldnphile

      Hi Mike,
      Woah, I’m on his blog? I guess I better watch what I say!

      I’m living in Preston right now. I have been to Marble Brewery in Manchester. I thought there brews could really compete with some of the breweries back in Oregon (where I just moved from). Great stuff. Very much looking forward to going back down there and having a proper session in a couple weeks when I get done with classes.

      I had Thornbridge (Jaipur and Kipling) last night for the first time and I was disappointed! I didn’t find them to be well balanced at all.

      The best bottled brew I’ve had so far is Hop Vine Bitter from Prospect Brewery in Wigan. It reminded me of one of my all time favorites Twilight from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon.

      Any suggestions, Mike?



      • MikeMcG

        Hi Colleen,
        yes, you’re on Pete B’s blog – I love that you’ve not realised or forgotten :~)

        See here
        http://petebrown.blogspot.com/2010/11/exclusive-euston-tap-sneak-preview.html (& Young Irish Girl’s comment?)

        Anyway, I had a quick look in the 2011 Good Beer Guide for any decent pubs in Preston – there’s several pubs, but only a couple seem more likely to sell the hoppier beers you’re after.

        * Market Tavern, 33-35 Market St, PR1 2ES
        Serves microbrew beer from all over UK + imports.

        * Old Black Bull, 35 Friargate, PR1 2AT
        c.9 cask beers, mainly microbrewers & small indy brewers

        * Old Vic, 78 Fishergate, PR1 2UH
        7 cask beers incl local craft-brews, such as Moorhouse’s.

        * Olde Dog & Partridge, 41 Friargate, PR1 2AT
        Down-to-earth rock venue pub, 5 cask beers.

        Two other things spring to mind – there’s apparently a new brewery in Preston – Arkwrights, but they’re also based behind their own beer shop – http://realaleshop.net/ (very limited website!) based at 47 Lovat Road, PR1 6DQ – they might have some UK or US hoppy beauties?

        The other thing is to keep an eye out for the beers of the excellent Lancashire micro ‘Pictish’ – they brew famously wonderfully hoppy pale beers & I’d hope would be in a few pubs in your area? http://www.pictish-brewing.co.uk/


      • ldnphile

        Oh yeah! I do vaguely remember posting that on Pete Brown’s blog now. It’s been a crazy/hazy/drunkish 2 months. I’m surprised I remember my own name at this point.

        Thank you for the suggestions! I have been to a couple of those places and they have had some drinkable beers here and there. I fear it is going to be an on going experiment to find the best beer in England!

        I’ll be down in Liverpool in a couple weeks. Pub suggestions? I’ll eventually stop asking you for suggestions. But not yet.


  2. MikeMcG

    I Twittered for more Preston suggestions & one reply gave this beer-geek site- http://www.scoopergen.co.uk/Scooperspubguide.htm#lan
    (scroll down for Preston) – The Bitter Suite sounds pretty amazing & a quick look at their website shows some great beer in the cellar, incl pale hoppy ones from Pictish, & Acorn.

    As for Liverpool, I tend to go for the Hope Street area crawl – The Dispensary (best-kept beer in town) good food & beer in Everyman Bar, a quick look in the beautiful historic Philharmonic pub (with its famous Gents!), often good music & Liverpool Organic beers in The Grapes, friendly faces in The Roscoe, squeeze into the tiny beauty & great local beer in The Belvedere & maybe more music & good beer in The Caledonia.

    If that doesn’t do it for you, the other major beer wander is around Dale St, nearer the river – Dr Duncan’s, Ship&Mitre, Rigby’s, Vernon, & Lion Tavern.

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