Kenya and concerts

Ok, so I said yesterday that I bought my ticket to Kenya for February.  I’ll elaborate on it a bit.  My main goal while in Kenya is to get poor unassuming people to fill out surveys I’ve created.  These surveys will be about tree projects happening.  My dissertation topic is about international aid to urban forests in Kenya.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  International aid to urban forests in Kenya.  I can’t wait for people to make it to this blog because they googled something along those lines.  Any ways, I will hopefully be pairing up with some int’l groups and looking at some projects happening in a few cities in Kenya.  I’ll be quite honest in admitting I don’t know much about Kenya at all.  But I have the next 3 months to really learn as much as I can.  Though all the reading in the world won’t prepare me for actually being in the country, but it will help.  I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing and I hope it will lead me to doing something along these lines for a future job.  Not the surveying thing, but the helping to work on tree planting projects in developing countries.

More imperative though, I have two concerts to go to this weekend in Manchester. As I write, I have Gorillaz on to prepare myself to hear them live in about 8 hours.  I wish my buddies T-dawg and Bam were going to the concert with me again, but I guess they are busy living in Bend.  Too bad for them.  It will be neat to see Gorillaz in a bigger arena to see how different the show is.  Last time in London was a very intimiate show.  And not everyone will be at the show that was at it last time.  It should still be outstanding though.  Gorillaz will not let me down.

Tomorrow night I go back to Manchester and go see MIA as part of the Warehouse Project.  I’m imagining it being along the lines of seeing Fatboy Slim in London 6 years ago.  If it’s even half that, the price of admission will be well worth it.

Yup, so things are good.  After all this fun with the concerts, reality is coming back full force and I will need to get cracking on doing school work full time once again.  Less than a month and I’ll be done with my first semester!  Time is flying by.  I hope I’m getting smart enough to deserve that MSc come August.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures this weekend and keep you all happily living vicariously through my life.

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