#39 Wollemi Pine

This is not the tree book I planned on reading next.  In fact I started another non-tree book in the middle of all of the tree books.  But this one was a quick read, so I figured I’d get it out of the way.  This book is the story about the discovery of the Wollemi pine in the Wollemi Wilderness area just outside of Sydney, Australia.  It’s a pretty remarkable story of discovery and follow up research afterwards.  There are only 3 stands of Wollemi pines in Australia and they used to cover huge swaths of land millions of years ago.  They are a living fossil as mentioned in the book.  Good read.

Also, you can now buy your own Wollemi Pine for only 50 quid.

Now I’ve got to get back to looking out the window for the postman.   I believe he’s going to have lots of books to deliver me today.  Woot!

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