#38 Forest Gardening

I’m pretty certain Forest Gardening just became an instant favorite.  I read that other Forest garden book, but it was more a guide on how to do it.  This one was more the philosophy and possible societal changes which could occur if we were to institute agroforestry on a world-wide scale.  Lots of talk about a post-industrial society and such.  And this is coming from a book written in 1991.  It may as well have been written last week as we have still yet to apply these amazing techniques of agriculture on a large scale.  Well, at least in the West.

If you’re at all interested in Permaculture or the power of trees and plants as the answer to so many of our major problems in the world or the opportunities we’re missing out on by having industrial farming read this.   Robert Hart should be talked about more.  Now onto some more tree books.  Well, at least one.

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