#35 Deathly Hallows

Oh yes, this is a repeat book, but it’s Harry Potter!  I could re-read the series all the time.  Too bad life and other books get in the way of me doing so.  And I know I’m not the only one out there.  You know who you are.

Yes, so the 7th movie is about to come out (at least half of it) in theaters here in another month or so.  Paula was reading it two weeks ago and I thought I better do the same.  I’ve always tried to re-read at least a few of the books before one of the Harry Potter movies comes out.  Time is crunched these days with school, so this time it’s only book 7.   Although, now having re-read number 7 makes me want to go re-read the whole series again.  Damn you JK Rowling!

This was only the 2nd time I read the 7th book, so I really did not remember very much of it at all.  Good times.

I think this will be my last real leisure book for a bit.  I just checked out some really good forest gardening books from the library which I will be reading in the next few weeks.  They are somewhat related to what I will be writing about for my dissertation.  Forest gardening is a new subgroup of urban forestry that’s really fascinating to me and I want to learn a lot more about.

Ok, I need to get back to doing stuff.  Bye bye.  15 to go!

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