#34 The Image of the City

Who doesn’t love reading a classic urban planning book in their free time?  I for one do love it.  Hence I read Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City.  Either I didn’t pay close enough attention in my urban planning class, design history classes or they never brought this guy up.  Either way, I’m dumb for not reading a book by him until now.  The book was brilliant.  A quick little read about how humans look at cities and what makes a well designed cities.  1960s LA didn’t do very well but 1960s Boston did alright for itself.  All the bits of the city were broken into parts like paths, nodes, landmarks, edges and districts.  Great stuff.  I doubt any of you will get around to reading it, but I’m glad I did!  Next up is a previously read book, but it is imperative to read it again.  Yup.  Good evening friends.

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