Visa: yes!

Patricking the UK. You'll take it and you'll like it.

Yeah, I’m sure most of you have heard from me today that after 4 weeks of waiting my student visa has finally been approved and I’ll be on my way to the UK on Wednesday.  Six and a half years after finishing up at Richmond University in London I get to return to the UK as a student once again.  Originally I would have loved to go to school university in London (and I tried), but I am looking forward to exploring another corner of the country before (hopefully) moving down to London next year.  I’ve been packing up my things today and flipping through some of my own journals.  Pretty amazing how long I’ve been trying to do this and that is now all coming true.  It was a long road to get to this place.  Lots of different attempts to make it happen and now finally one stuck.  And really it came at just the right time in my life.  I couldn’t have written a better script.  I’m so blessed and grateful for all that I have received.

So after a long lay over in London, a flight to Manchester, a train ride to Preston, a taxi to pick up Dilly and a ride from my new roommate flatmate I’ll get into my new place sometime Thursday evening.  Let’s hope I survive the journey with all the shit I’ll be lugging around. I packed one suitcase this evening and before I knew it, it was 45 lbs.  It wasn’t even full!  Look forward to seeing some pictures of me with all my crap.  Oh and it’s supposed to rain in Preston on Thursday.  Me, being the total genius I am, doesn’t own a raincoat any more.   It’s going to be a shit show for sure.  As soon as I get there I will be sending out contact info.  I should have a UK phone mobile by the weekend so you all can call me.  And if you don’t want to pay to talk to me, you can IM or skype me. If you don’t have that contact info, just email me and I’ll give you it.

Ok, must get to bed.  Have a long 72 hours to get through!

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7 thoughts on “Visa: yes!

  1. Eric

    Good Luck!!

  2. Katie O

    72 hours until amethyst crystals! Cheerio!

  3. sIRK

    Have fun cheering for the other country in the war.

  4. ali

    did I take the pic of you humping the telly booth?

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