#31 Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I had a few slow weeks on getting this book read.  But I think I managed to read about 400 pages of it in the last 24 hours, so I more than made up for it.  Once I got into the plot I was completely hooked and needed to finish it to be able to do anything else.  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo isn’t necessarily a book I’d normally pick up, but I’m glad my cousin John sent it to me.  And I think Tera is also happy about it as she just finished reading the 3rd book in the series after borrowing this one from me.  It was really engaging and I enjoyed the characters very much.  It’s fun to try and figure the mystery out to some extent before it is revealed.  I feel like I’m getting better at reading (“reading”) murder mysteries.  I mean everything seems so easy after reading Harry Potter, which is the toughest mystery type series I’ve ever read.

Anyways, I liked it and once you get into the book, it’s a quick read.  Now I’m stuck for the night without a book to read.  Guess I’ll thumb through a magazine.  Or just pass out.  Yeah, just pass out.

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