A long time coming

So as I go through my things, deciding what to sell, what to throw out and what cherish, I believe I found something to cherish (and then recycle!).  I found this on the bottom of one of my travel bags and proves I wanted to move abroad before I spent a semester abroad in London.

Bear Lake, UT

August 24th 2003: I would have just gotten down to Arizona for my final semester at ASU.   I looked roughly something like this:

7 years doesn’t really change too much for me apparently.  I still have that shirt.

Any ways, it’s cool to find things like that.  I’ve found earlier scribblings by myself that want me to move abroad ASAP.   I will be fulfilling that dream here in 5 weeks.  Makes me think I haven’t recently become crazy.  I’ve always been crazy.

I leave you with a quote:  “I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.”  – Winston Churchill.

Off to continue my adventure through my belongings.  Ta ta for now.

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2 thoughts on “A long time coming

  1. Stumbled into the site from a search and had a read. Hope you have a great time in London. It’s pretty big when you live there. I can just about get a grip on my borough (Richmond). North, South and East are worlds away. Then again, I think we’ve got the last working farm in London.

    Look after yourself – and make sure you find some good pubs – one’s with real character. Once you’ve found a good pub you are sorted.

    v. best


    • ldnphile

      Yeah, thanks Chris for the advice. I definitely think finding a great pub is step one to successful living in London. I’ve found quite a few that I would like to call my local. The best one being Royal Oak right by Borough station. It has great character and some wonderful staff who I hung out with outside of the pub. Really good people.

      I’m not sure how much I’ve posted on it, but I’m moving to Preston on September 1 for school and I think I’ll be down living in London next year.

      I haven’t spent much time in Richmond, but from what I have seen, I’ve really liked. I went to Richmond University when I studied in London, but was at the Kensington campus.

      I’d like to see the last farm in London! Let me know if I can come check it out if you don’t mind. What are you growing and what kind of animals do you have? Something tells me I’ll be heading down to London in the first couple weeks of being back in the UK.

      Thanks for the Comment Chris. It’s nice to get messages every once in a while. I appreciate it.


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