Pea fest

I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for a garden update.  It’s been a few weeks

Snap peas

since you last heard about the garden it was the end of June.  The garden has kicked into high gear with all the nice weather.  Things are putting on leaves, growing higher and producing vegetables!  Our biggest producers have been the peas (which we’ve only picked 1 of so far) and our lettuce.  Both the pea and the lettuce are super good.  The lettuce made it onto our 4th of July hamburgers and one of my lunch sandwiches.  The pea was split into pieces and enjoyed by both Tera and I.

The radishes….well.  I have picked a couple of them and they have been little.  And not that great.  I’m super disappointed in the radishes.  Do I need to leave them in longer or shorter?  Anyone know?

The tomatoes are starting to recovery after all basically taking a dump after being put in the ground.  They’re starting to put some green leaves on their little stems finally.  I’d be SHOCKED if we got one tomato flower.  I’m expecting no tomatoes.  Sad story.

Big ole broccoli leaves

The best story is the triumphant return of the broccoli plants.  I thought they were all dunzo, but about 6 of the plants have made it back and look like they may flower in the next week or so.  I want some broccoli before I leave!

Onions are getting bigger, but I’ll never see an onion before I leave.  The peppers look like they are frozen in time.  Carrots?  Yeah, maybe.  Who knows.  No chance of me seeing cucumbers or a summer squash either.  So sad I have to leave my garden behind for greener pastures, but I hope someone will keep it watered and enjoy what comes of it. That’s all for now.  I will update when we get some more produce!

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