Finally all in

Jam packed

Well today was the day where all of my plants and seeds finally made it into the ground.  The peppers and tomatoes are free from their starter trays at last.  The tomato plants look a little spindly, purply and weak, but I hope they’ll start looking better now that they are home.   The garden is over planted, but God has done a decent job of thinning due to inconsistent weather.

Also planted were some cucumber and spinach seeds.  I had planted spinach back in april, but the plants all took a hit in the frost a week and a half ago.  The leaves are all curled and the only thing left are flowers.  As far as I know, spinach flowers aren’t very tasty.

Flower power

News from the pea plants:  there are two plants with flowers!  That means peas are right around the corner.  I hope to be eating some in the next two weeks.  I’m not mad about it either.  By then I hope to also have picked a couple of radishes.  The one I checked out earlier this week should be about ready to pick (I hope).

If there’s one thing I learned this year is it that getting a vegetable garden to be successful in the desert is a long and arduous process.  And at the end you might not even be successful no matter how hard you may have toiled.

Also, my turf is looking nicely mowed and nicely dry!!!!!!   I do water it regularly, but this sudden onslaught of hot weather has made the grass mad as a hornet.  At least it’s not trying to provide water to a 6 inch crown.  A mere 2 inch crown now.  Let’s hope for green this week, so we can all enjoy it during the fourth of July holiday and get some good cornhole in.

It was a very quiet day around here.  Lots of reading.  Hope to read for another hour before I head to bed.  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Cheers.

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