The Longest Day

I always look forward to this day every year.  But it’s always sad the next day knowing the day will be a bit less lighted than today.  But with any luck it will be warmer.

Any ways, I had a good day of work by myself.  I got to actually do some tree work for most of the day.  Mostly digging some 30+ trees out of mulch volcanoes, but it was still better than mowing lawns at this point for me.  The day went fast.  Perhaps I was in the “flow” as my latest book is telling me about.  It’s a good thing.

Yeah, so I haven’t been writing lately as you may have noticed.  My brain is mush and filled with lots of planning for the next 90 or so days of my life.  Right now I’m waiting for Barack Obama to give me some money for school.  That should happen after July 1st.  Once that occurs I can apply for my visa, get my plane ticket, get piccadilly’s plane ticket, find a place to live……etc.  Ugh.  So to occupy my waiting time, Colleen and friends have been working their way through a lot of good times.  And by good times I mean beer.  Oh and watching a lot of World Cup.  Don’t get me started again on that goal getting called back on the US.

That’s all.  Just wanted to say hi.  This week, I’ll post some garden pictures.  I thought I was going to be able to harvest a radish today.  I pulled it out a little bit and it was just a baby purple radish, so I pushed him back into the ground.  I hope he’ll be ok and not give up on life.  All the plants are outside now, but the peppers and tomatoes are still in the trays.  Tomorrow I’m mowing the lawn so I might be inspired to get all my gardening done.  Ok, have a good week everyone.  TTYL

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