More in the ground

Annuals: better than bare ground.

Tera and I took a trip to Freddy’s today and picked up some annuals and herbs for the garden and our pots.  It was a very successful trip as everything is fully loaded with little flowers.  Now, the real question is will they survive?  And maybe, just maybe thrive?   I’d like to hope that we are out of the realm that we will get another frost, but who knows here in Central Oregon.  It’s supposed to be rainy and somewhere between 40-60 degrees all week.  Let’s hope it stays above 40 for the sake of my plants.

Tera planted an herb garden in a pot we stole from our previous residence.  Well, actually less planted and more like stuffed herb plants into the pot.  It was a wee bit of a tight fit, but I believe the plants will do just fine.  They’ll figure it out.  Plants are smarter than some humans out there, I swear.

stuffed pot and my not good looking tomato plants

Also in the ground today were lettuce, broccoli and the few summer squash plants that have germinated.  The only things left in trays are tomatoes and peppers, both of which make me really nervous about putting outdoors just yet.  I think they will wait until we’re hitting 70 degrees consistently.

The lettuce hopefully will perk up a bit.  If not, I riddled the rows with fresh lettuce seeds so we should at least have something happening in a few weeks.
Also the onion plants are just starting to kick butt.  They  kind of withered away the week after I planted them (cold temps), but I saw some of them showing off some extremely healthy looking new shoots today.  That’s good news.  I guess we’ll be eating peas and onions all summer.

Everything got fertilized today.  Some of the pea plants got some string to grow up and we’re still waiting for the hop plants to pop.   Let’s hope everything gets jump started from the warmer weather and fertilizer and gets growing quickly!  I want to harvest some stuff before I take off!

Over planted, you think?

Also, Tera guerrilla gardened the front of the house along the street.  She planted all the millions of bulbs I pulled up when I installed the new veg garden.  I hope the next tenants will enjoy the bulbs next spring.  If anyone happens to walk along our street next year, keep a look out for the bulbs.  I would be surprised if any do make it, but you never know.

guerrilla gardener deserves a phone break

It was a great Memorial Day.  I hope yours was as nice.  Cheers!

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