Sprouts in the frost


Cold snow clouds


This should be a picture of lovely Broken Top golf course, with mountains gleaming with snow in the distance and perhaps a few cirrus cloud wisps floating in the sky.  Instead it’s a picture of a mammoth cloud dumping snow in the mountains and attempting to dump snow in Bend.  This is not a scene which should be viewed at the end of May.  This is February type stuff.  But this is the reality of 2010.  We got some snow flakes in the air on Friday but that’s about it.  We shouldn’t be freezing at the end of May!  Why is my heat on in my house!??!  Ugh.

For my little indoor sprouts, my vacations were a saving grace.  It meant they didn’t get put in the ground and didn’t get frost damage from the cold spell from the last week (this week’s forecast is not much better).  My plants that are in the ground are doing pretty well, the peas doing the best.  I think one of the varieties of carrots and some of the onions may have been damaged by frost, but everything else is doing fine.


mmmm peas


This week’s goal for the garden is to get some string for the peas to grow up.  The germination rate for the peas was about 90%, so we’ll be making a lot of pea dishes in another month or so.  The other plants doing well are the radishes.  I’m most excited about those as I am on a huge radish eating kick right now.  The organic radishes I buy are tres pricey, so to get some free ones will be fantastic.  I’ll replant the row of them once these ones finish.

I spent a good couple hours in the yard today.  Our turf was OOC!  It was somewhere between 6-12″ high.  Apparently it should be mowed more than every month and a half.  Oops.  But it’s all cleaned up now.  I also fertilized and sprayed all the turf weeds.  We’ve got a bit of a dandelion infestation and I hope it will now be cleared up with my healthy dose of 2,4-d spraying.

It’s all watered and clean and tidy.  Let’s see how long I can keep it this way.  And let’s hope for some warm weather soon!

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