Travel madness!

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My feet are aching.  It’s most likely wearing vibram fivefingers all day for the first time, but I think it’s partially pounding the pavement for the last week and a half.

I’m in San Francisco right now if you didn’t already know.  I got back in from London on Tuesday.  I worked 4 days and was off once again.  It is fun and I love traveling but I wish I would have had a couple more days to unwind before taking off on this trip.  I know, poor me, right?  🙂

Nikki, my niece, will be arriving here in San Francisco in a couple hours.  We’re going to be traveling south to enjoy the California coast for the next few days.  I hope it stays kind of dry so camping won’t be miserable.  Nikki and I don’t get to hang out that much since I’ve moved to Bend, so it will be a blast to spend a whole week traveling with her.  Our last trip together was to NYC and Boston way back in 2002.  I was 20 and she was a wee little babe of 16.  Now we’re all grown up.

I’ve got my little macbook pro with me, so I hope to keep you guys updated.  I also brought my camera upload cord, so you might even get some pictures!  I’m going to continue to relax here in the hostel as I don’t think my feet can take anything else right now.  Cheers friends.

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