Still awake?

Somehow I’m still functioning at 10:15 BST.  It’s been a long 36 hours!  So surprise (to a lot of you)!  I’m in London town for a few days.  Tera and I got in this afternoon after a wonderful journey from LAX (I hate that place).  Ben met us at the airport.  We promptly boarded the tube and went to a pub for pints and food at Green Park tube stop area.  Good stuff.  Gorillaz played when we got to our second pub.  It put me in the mood to see Gorillaz tomorrow night at the Roundhouse. Also spotted a Maybach on the street.  All in a days work in London town really.

I was supposed to meet up for some pub quiz tonight at Mucky Pup, but ended up getting way behind schedule then lost in North London.  Again, I thought I knew where I was headed but instead went the totally wrong direction.  I wasn’t fussed though as the trees and shrubs are in full spring bloom here and it was 70 degrees out.  I could feel the humidity too, which I’m not used to.

I just got back to my hostel, Palmers Lodge by Swiss Cottage station.  I probably put in a good 4 or 5 miles this evening including a nice stroll through Regents Park.  I might go hang out in Regents Park again tomorrow as I haven’t ever spent much time there.  It’s beautiful!  Maybe some Hampstead Heath too before I go meet up with Kenzo and Bam at the flat they are staying.  We’ll see what I feel like and what time I rise.   Zombie mode is close at hand for me now that I’ve stopped moving and going full speed.  I hope I fully recover for tomorrow.

I will let you all know how the concert is tomorrow.  I’m expecting nothing short of perfection.  Cheers everyone from London!  I’ll drink a brew for you all.  🙂

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