Playing in the dirt

The veg garden took a big step yesterday.  Eric, Bri and I called to order a garden party day.  What was required was helping each other out with each other’s vegetable gardens.  Eric needed 3 yards of soil moved into his raised beds, I needed 2 yards of soil moved into my new gardening bed and Bri, well Bri was fortunate to get a 1/2 yard of left over soil from me for her own vegetable beds.  She moved into a new house this past Fall and inherited a kick ass garden from the previous owners.  All she needs is a little help clearing out last year’s detrious and some seeds to sow.

Bri and the dogs enjoying the lush front yard

The day got started very early for me because I needed to get the turf mowed and my work truck dumped before I could get any dirt.  The turf at my house, which hadn’t been mowed since September, looks grand now.  And very green thanks to all the rain we’ve had in the last 5 months.  Any ways, I helped Eric in the morning morning move his dirt.  I think his raised beds are going to work out well for him this year.  I offered to put some seeds in the ground for him yesterday, but he wanted to work some fertilizer into the soil before that took place.  Bri, a bit sluggish from a late night, showed up just as we took the last 2 wheelbarrows to the back.  Well done on her part.

Next we took the party to my house for some burritos and more dirt spreading.  It was such a nice day.  I think all of us were happy just to be out doors in some sun for a change.  It’s been a seldom seen thing this year in Bend and to couple it with some warmer temperatures, well we may as well be in


heaven.  Oscar and Berkeley (the dogs) had the best time out of all of us.  It was non-stop chasing.  Oscar did manage to help us out a little bit with digging although the holes were a little deep.  It was appreciated none the less.

Seeds to be sown in safety yellow!

We got about a yard and a half in the garden area and called it good.   I ended up planting some seeds.  Peas, 2 types of carrots, onions, spinach and radishes went in the ground.  Currently there is no plastic cover over them so they have no protection from the cold nights.  This week I might attempt to procure a plastic cover for them.  The weather report for the week looks good so I may get away with leaving it as is for a while.  The only seedlings to go in the ground were onions and they don’t look too good today.  I only planted half my seedlings in case the first batch did not survive, so there is back up thriving in the grow room.

We finished up at my house and then went to Bri’s to dump the rest of the soil.  We polished off the night with some steaks and brews from Newport.  Tera and I developed a new ping pong game where everyone wins.  Then we walked over to Hardy’s and got some ice cream.  I got double scoop chocolate and bubble gum.  So delicious for some reason.  We were all in food comas shortly afterwards so we called it a night.  Garden party: success!

So yup, this is the real start of the season.  In a few weeks I’ll put the rest of my seedlings in the ground and we’ll see how my vegetable garden works out this year.  If I invite any of you for a vegetable party this summer, you’ll know it all went well.  Cheers, everyone.

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