Stormy weather

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve reported on my veg garden  At this point I hoped to have plants and seeds in the ground and prospering, but I have yet to get my act together for it.  In my defense the weather has still been winter like here.  Just last week it got down to 15 degrees.  Not safe for my pretty little plants.  So I hope this weekend I can get some dirt and get the garden cracking.

We had a little hiccup with my indoor plants.  They were very spindly and not looking good.  I finally figured out that they didn’t like the roof over their heads.  It was making it maybe a bit too warm for their liking and they wanted some wind to rustle their leaves.  I ended up having to reseed a lot of the lettuce.  The rest of the plants made it through.  Now they are really starting to take off, especially the tomatoes.  I really want to get these guys in the ground soon.  And if anyone wants a couple plants, I’d be willing to share.  I might charge you a couple bucks or a 6 pack though.  Those seeds and love were not free!

Happy Tomatoes

Yesterday I was able to put the plants out for a spell as there was sunshine on and off all afternoon.  I think they really enjoy it much more in the basement.  The plants always seem to be drastically different the next day when I go to turn on their growing light.  Today I was delighted to see some of the lettuce was picking up the red hue it was supposed to have.  There was one leaf out of about 100 which was mostly turned.   How exciting.  The joys of gardening.  The next few days are supposed to be quite nice, so we’ll get my plant friends outside to enjoy the nice air.  I hope this weekend to get them in the ground.  Wish me luck!

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