Sprouts in the sun

Sprout City

If anyone is enjoying the nice weather around here more than me, it’s probably my vegetable seedlings.  They’ve been happily bathing out on our front porch the last few days and they have very much benefited.  We’ve finally gotten the peppers to germinate (the last seeds to do so), so now it’s just a matter of making them exceedingly happy until they go in the ground.  They are a little spindly as they weren’t getting quite enough sunlight for a few days, but they should pop out of it soon.  It is a bit of a burden to be hauling the trays daily from the basement to the front porch.  This should only last another couple weeks (that’s if the weather holds!).  I’m super chuffed so far about the vegetable experiment of 2010.

What’s amazing is the amount of respiration and transpiration happening in the seed trays.  Within seconds of putting the plastic covers back on the plants the plastic fogs up and condensation begins to form.  Those buggers are super busy.  If left in the sun (and more importantly left alone by me) for a couple hours, there’s mega water to shed off the top.

This coming week I’m going to attempt to get soil, compost and fertilizer for the garden.  It’s only 2

Condensation is fun.

more weeks until I can hopefully start putting seeds and seedlings alike in the ground to start their life journeys.  They are like my little children, except they don’t talk back and I can micromanage the shit out of them without them complaining.  FUN!  Have a good weekend everybody.

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