Back in action?

Yesterday I headed to the local disc golf course to introduce a new player to the game.  The plan was to limit my throwing to only left handed forehands for drives and maybe some right handed throws on putts or close approaches.  But after slowly going farther and farther back with my right handed backhands, I decided to try out a right handed drive.  Success!  No dislocation! I threw about 6 drives righty with no problems.  So I might be back on the disc golf circuit.  I’m still a little bit hesitant so I’m throwing drives at 75%.  I think that’s enough for now.  My shoulder feels a little sore today, but it’s mostly a good sore.  The worst thing that could happen is I dislocate again and have the surgery I was planning on happening any ways.

Ok, who wants to tear up the disc golf courses with me?

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