Lots of broccoli, not so much everything else

We’ve got loads of sprouts here in Bend in my grow room!  I know that you all have been patiently waiting to hear whether anything has germinated yet.  The answer is definitely yes.  I’ve got a full tray of broccoli plants growing.  They are all looking quite good.  Lettuce has about 75% germination rate so far and hopefully the rest of it will be coming up in the next few days.  As for the peppers, onions and tomatoes:  nada.  Well, I was worried about this as it is probably only around 55 degrees in my basement and these three need a higher temperature (like 70-90 degrees.  Where is it that warm in the spring to have that happen?) to germinate.  So the grow operation is going to be moved upstairs for a while (although our thermostat doesn’t even get up to 70 degrees) until these little babes can get a start at life.  I hope at this point I haven’t rotted out the seeds as they have been sitting in water for the last 7 days.  We’ll hope for the best.

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One thought on “Sprouts

  1. Katie

    What is germination rate? You are an excellent photographer.

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