So Fresh, so clean

My big project yesterday was clearing out the mess and fuss in our garden beds to ready them for the spring planting.  It went exceedingly well, although slightly back breaking.  Yes, I do landscaping for a living but months and months go by and I don’t lift a shovel at work.  That’s for construction people.  My hands are too pretty to get dirt on them.  I’ll stick to dexterous activities like pruning.  So if you missed what my garden did look like a couple days ago it looked something like this:

Yikes.  That rose bush/grass area was a real hoot to rip out all afternoon.  I seriously don’t know how people do that for a living.  Actually, they probably just use a bobcat or something.  But how did they do it in the olden days!? My god, my area was like 10 x 10 (being generous), imagine doing 20 acres.  No thank you.  Any ways, this is what it looks like today:

Really nice job.  So I’m debating on whether to get 2 yards of dirt or 1.  I guess I should measure it or something and figure it out.  The existing soil is alright, but there’s all these little pumice pebbles in it (weird).  And I don’t think this dirt will be healthy enough for my plants, so dirt and compost will be purchased soon enough.  Also, does any one have access to some free landscaping material?  I say that and realize perhaps I should ask myself that question as I am employed by a multimillion dollar landscaping company.  Perhaps I’ll ask around.  But really I just need some retaining wall bits, two high, 25 feet or so in length.  Anyone who may have experience putting them in, I would take some help there too.  My last job in Indiana I had to tell people how to do it, but really I had no practical experience with it.  Also, I would like to thank the person who decided to throw their camel cigarette butts into the rose bushes.  Luckily you were nice enough to put most of them into the corner by the house, but some of them were all over.  I have a feeling I’ll be pulling those out of the dirt all

The other side of the house also received some love as well.  Oh, this was a great find! Buried underneath all the rose bushes and grass were a load of daffodil bulbs.  I dug up almost all of them, divided and planted them 0n the East side of the house.  It should add a little bit of color to that side of the house until I get some annuals in (They are the weird sticks lined up along the perimeter by the house).  The daffodils are a bit chlorotic, but I am hoping they pop out of that once they get some sun on them.  They’ve obviously been unloved for years, but here’s to giving them a second chance.  The other big area of clean up was the rose bushes in the back.  I actually found some vinca minor back there as well.  I hard pruned them back to about 8 inches from the ground.  They should come back beautifully this year.

Roses and vinca

I know my gardens aren’t very exciting, but it’s what I have to work with while I’m at the volcano.  My excitement to plant at my house is quite overwhelming.  It’s been 20 years since I’ve grown vegetables (with my mom’s help) and I haven’t had a flower garden of my own since I moved out to Bend.  It’s something I’ve very much lamented about while here.  This year all that will change and I hope be bountiful!

My hunch is that I probably shouldn’t have ripped out all those roses yesterday as I told my land lord I’d only take out a part of them.  But if you would have seen it, it would have been silly to leave.  So we’ll see how it all shapes up.  I’m supposed to get my seeds tomorrow.  I’ll be planting the seeds when I get back from Chicago (maybe earlier if I can get Tera to water them while I’m away).  Ok, I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me babble on about my garden so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.  Good night everyone!

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One thought on “So Fresh, so clean

  1. sIRK

    Sorry about the cigarette butts. I never dreamed someone would try to clean up that mess.

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