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Young Adults Learn to Climb City Trees. Without Elevators. –

Young Adults Learn to Climb City Trees. Without Elevators. –

A great article about some inspiring tree climbers in New York City.  The video is good too if you can get it to play.

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#11 Super Freakonomics

Well, I thought Super Freakonomics was the updated version of Freakonomics.  I was wrong.  This was a whole new set of info.  So I guess I’ll go back and read Freakonomics.  Any ways, it was obviously a really quick read as I knocked it out today after finishing my other book.  It was along the same lines as Outliers and other popular non-fiction books.  Pretty good and interesting.  The last chapter on global warming was the best and most interesting for me.  Apparently there’s a really quick and easy solution to our global warming issues.  So yeah.  That is always nice to read.  Now onto some more quirky non-fiction this week.

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#10 Wildwood

I’ve finally made it to that elusive number 10.  It’s been a long 6 weeks to get there!  I have to admit this goal is a lot more challenging than I thought.  Even just to bank a few books for the summer.  The last two weeks have seen a slow down of my breakneck pace I had set at the beginning of January.  I guess that is to be expected.  The stress is high as I have told a lot of people about this goal and I want to make it happen.  Any ways…..

So Wildwood:  A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin was excellent.  It was less tree talk than I wanted, but still some wonderful stories were told in its pages about trees and wood working tradition across England.  I kind of appreciate the history of trees in the UK and have a greater sense of what I’ll be getting myself into at the end of the summer.  Mr. Deakin was an amazing naturalist and a treasure for the UK and the world.  I am glad to have read it.

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next one

I’m a little bit behind on that next book.  I’m close to finishing two though.  Good thing as I have 4 library books checked out at the moment.

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Hopey Changey

I can barely stomach Sarah Palin’s voice anymore.  You know, I never thought of her being the smartest politician, but I had some respect somewhere for her.  But now after seeing her speech at the Tea Party convention this weekend, I’ve lost it and she just makes my blood boil.  As a leader in the Republican Party, she should be more responsible with her rhetoric.  Push for education.  Push for personal responsibility.  Push for less bombs and more peace.  Push for Christian values (you know those values that Jesus likes like caring for your neighbor, being kind,  helping each other out, love.  not the hate stuff that seems to be so popular these days).  Don’t be anti this and and anti that.  Why are the positive values suddenly so foreign to the Republicans?  If anything Mr. Obama is exudes these beliefs these days in his personal life and his political life (I READ THEM IN A BOOK.  Crazy concept, that reading thing.).

Instead of blaming others for what’s wrong with America, let’s blame ourselves.  Let’s take responsibility for the way things are these days and go ahead and make the hard changes that need to happen.  Let’s try and leave this country in a better state for our kids than it is right now.  It’s going to require sacrifice.  But it’s not going to require a change in philosophy.  We need to go back to the philosophy of America that made America great and not this faux America idealism which has been so prevalent the last 10-15 years.  As Gandhi said,” Be the change you want to see in the world.”  We only get one go around at life and why not make it the best life can make it?

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Grates gone!

I’m not sure who was responsible for the grate removal from around the trees on Greenwood between Bond and Harriman, but thank you.  And that thank you comes from me and the trees.  My assumption was that the city removed them.  If you didn’t see the grates, here they are prior to removal.  They were a little tight.

Tight fit


Now if we can just get people to stop planting maples underneath power lines (ie these trees I have already been speaking of) we’ll be in business.  Remember kids:  Right tree, right place.  Or is it Right place, right tree?  Either way, when you’re choosing a tree for a place, make sure you plant it for the size it will be when mature, not what the size is when you plant it.  It will save time, money and headaches.

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#9 The Sound and The Fury

Ok, I just saw that The Sound and The Fury was an Oprah Book Club selection.  Jeeze.  It’s a 321 page book and I spent the first 140 pages trying to figure out what was going on.  I’m still not completely sure what happened in those pages, but I kind of figured it out loosely in the last 180 pages.  Ok, yeah sure it’s a classic book.  It’s an interesting idea for sure to write what’s happening and then interject what going on in the person’s mind (usually without warning) because that’s the way we live our lives.  But it really makes it HARD TO READ.  I’m not sure I’ll be picking up another Faulkner book in the next 11 months, but maybe after that.  It’s probably going to take me at least 11 months to digest what I read in the last 48 hours.  Now, I hope onto something a little bit easier to read.  Like something with real sentences.

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Something funny is up hereFor serious, iTunes?  Are you really randomly selecting songs because you have now played “something” 3 times in the last 4 days.  One of the times being just this morning.  I realize I have 4 different versions (well just three versions but 2 of the same version as you can see) of the song, but this might be over the top.  There are 2796 other songs on my iTunes which have yet to be played yet, so you’re being pretty picky.  You are just lucky I like the song quite a lot, iTunes……..  Sorry I just had to vent about it.

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#8 Julie & Julia

It’s weird to be blogging about a book that’s about a blog, but that’s the 21st century for you.  I just finished reading Julie & Julia this morning.  It’s embarrassing that it’s taken this long (a week!) when it’s an easy, fairly short read.  Does this mean I’ve been incredibly busy the last week?  Yeah, kind of.  As busy as someone who worked 8.4 hours last week can be.  Any ways, back to Julie & Julia.  It was really entertaining and a good inspiration to maybe work a little bit harder at my own blog.  You guys are kind of on the same adventure as Julie Powell‘s readers were.  You’re tuning in as I make my way through 50 books this year.  While, it’s not as daunting as cooking 524 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, it is a challenge.  At least Julie usually got a decent meal once she completed a recipe.  All I get is another bundle of pages to read from another author.  So, I’d give Julie & Julia (the book) a thumbs up.  If you haven’t seen the movie of the same name, Meryl Streep is utterly fantastic in it as one Julia Child.  I saw it with my Mother in theaters (I can’t say I’ve seen too many movies with Mum in my day, but we always seem to see ones we both end up really enjoying…..and ironically always starring Amy Adams (one of my favorite actresses of the times).  The one we saw before Julie & Julia was Enchanted.)

Any ways, more power to the bloggers out there, especially the hard working women bloggers.  Let’s talk about my shoulder really soon on the blog, because that’s big news.  I’m off for a hike/doing a puzzle drinking Red Chair at Riverside/hanging out with Eric on his day off.  Also, if you didn’t yet know, NEW GORILLAZ OUT NOW!!!!!!

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