I’m feeling a bit ornery today.  At bit on edge and agitating easily.  Perhaps the proceedings of the last couple days have been bothering me?  Perhaps.  It will pass.  This TED speech I watched earlier this week tells me it won’t seem as bad as I thought.

Any ways, no need to worry about getting stuck anywhere in my ZX2 any time soon due to dead battery.  I got a new one today after the last one finally died this afternoon when I tried to go for a run.  Perhaps God was trying to stop me from going running and then playing disc golf.  Yeah, so look at how shiny it is.  They also gave me some new connector thing cause the other one was yucky and cracked.  This came at a good time as I will be logging many long miles in the next month.  Getting stuck in random town, usa trying to get a new battery is no fun.

So I’ll be hanging out here tonight, watching some of the last bit of the Olympics and probably getting some reading done.  Now with hardly any social engagements to worry about, I hope to fly through the next few books.

Soon to be veg garden

I wanted to post a couple pictures from my yard too.  These are areas where I’ll be putting in flowers, herbs and veggies in the next month and a half.  Every time I have projects like this I seem to forget to take before and after pictures.  The place where there’s all that riff raff in the foreground will be cleared and tilled under.  It’s a mix of grass and roses.  We got the OK today to dig some of it up for the garden.  Tera and I are quite chuffed about it.  I’m looking into getting my work truck this week possibly to get started and put some hershey down.  Seeds should be purchased in the next week and a half with some seeds getting a start early inside.  I’m excited as I haven’t had a veg garden since I was a kid.  It will be fun to harvest and work on all summer.

Flower garden

The other area will be a flower garden.  I’m contemplating this week what kind of flowers I want to put in there.  It is on the East side of our house and does not get much sun at all.  There is not a lot of room in there, but I think we can make it look nice . At the least cover up the ugliness that is that cable cord attached to the side of the house.  The juniper there is ANCIENT.  I did a little pruning on it today as it was growing into the siding and way over the sidewalk too.  So we’ll see what develops.  The possibilities are very exciting!  I’m such a plant nerd!

Man, after writing and taking a second to relax, I feel a lot better here.  Writing is my release for sure.  I think I’ll crack a brew and kick back for the night.  Church tomorrow!  Have a wonderful night my friends.

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