Offensive pruning

These pictures were taken at the forest service office here in Bend.  As you can see someone has been hacking this European Ash quite harshly and inappropriately.  I would say the tree is about 25-30 feet tall and at least 1/3 if not more of the branches were removed from the crown.  This is a really sad sight as the pruned branches provided a nice shade coverage for the sidewalk which runs next to the tree.  I’m assuming there must have been some reason for the hack job, although I am unsure.  This would be hard to stomach normally for me, but even more painful is that this tree has been my responsibility for the last 2 seasons.  Apparently the property has been taken over by another landscaping company.  It’s heartbreaking to spend a lot of time working to try and prune a tree responsibly and thoughtfully in order to give the tree its best life and then to see someone come along and do this to a tree.  I think quite a bit about all of the trees which I maintain and obviously this one was no longer thought of that deeply.  This was not the only tree which was hacked, but this one was the worst.  

If there is ever a question about whether to prune or not to prune a limb on a tree, don’t hesitate to leave it and come back to it later.  Of course you would want to remove any dead, diseased or dying branches, but others, if they are strictly for aesthetics, be more fruitful about the pruning.  Arbitrarily taking off limbs unprofessionally hurts the tree, the value of the tree, the value of the property, and your own work value.  Try to be as thoughtful as possible and don’t let disasters like this happen.

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