Hopey Changey

I can barely stomach Sarah Palin’s voice anymore.  You know, I never thought of her being the smartest politician, but I had some respect somewhere for her.  But now after seeing her speech at the Tea Party convention this weekend, I’ve lost it and she just makes my blood boil.  As a leader in the Republican Party, she should be more responsible with her rhetoric.  Push for education.  Push for personal responsibility.  Push for less bombs and more peace.  Push for Christian values (you know those values that Jesus likes like caring for your neighbor, being kind,  helping each other out, love.  not the hate stuff that seems to be so popular these days).  Don’t be anti this and and anti that.  Why are the positive values suddenly so foreign to the Republicans?  If anything Mr. Obama is exudes these beliefs these days in his personal life and his political life (I READ THEM IN A BOOK.  Crazy concept, that reading thing.).

Instead of blaming others for what’s wrong with America, let’s blame ourselves.  Let’s take responsibility for the way things are these days and go ahead and make the hard changes that need to happen.  Let’s try and leave this country in a better state for our kids than it is right now.  It’s going to require sacrifice.  But it’s not going to require a change in philosophy.  We need to go back to the philosophy of America that made America great and not this faux America idealism which has been so prevalent the last 10-15 years.  As Gandhi said,” Be the change you want to see in the world.”  We only get one go around at life and why not make it the best life can make it?

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One thought on “Hopey Changey

  1. It’s just easier to blame everything else because it gives people the false notions that “nothing is wrong with me, it’s just that circumstances which are out of my control are preventing me from moving further”. After all, blaming others is a lot less tiring than actually getting their bums out of their couches and doing something about it.

    As for Sarah Palin, I don’t think she’ll run for President. She shouldn’t. At the moment she is already looking to be some sort of puppet -slash- sacrificial lamb. The media and those wolves in politics are going to mess her up real good.

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