#8 Julie & Julia

It’s weird to be blogging about a book that’s about a blog, but that’s the 21st century for you.  I just finished reading Julie & Julia this morning.  It’s embarrassing that it’s taken this long (a week!) when it’s an easy, fairly short read.  Does this mean I’ve been incredibly busy the last week?  Yeah, kind of.  As busy as someone who worked 8.4 hours last week can be.  Any ways, back to Julie & Julia.  It was really entertaining and a good inspiration to maybe work a little bit harder at my own blog.  You guys are kind of on the same adventure as Julie Powell‘s readers were.  You’re tuning in as I make my way through 50 books this year.  While, it’s not as daunting as cooking 524 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, it is a challenge.  At least Julie usually got a decent meal once she completed a recipe.  All I get is another bundle of pages to read from another author.  So, I’d give Julie & Julia (the book) a thumbs up.  If you haven’t seen the movie of the same name, Meryl Streep is utterly fantastic in it as one Julia Child.  I saw it with my Mother in theaters (I can’t say I’ve seen too many movies with Mum in my day, but we always seem to see ones we both end up really enjoying…..and ironically always starring Amy Adams (one of my favorite actresses of the times).  The one we saw before Julie & Julia was Enchanted.)

Any ways, more power to the bloggers out there, especially the hard working women bloggers.  Let’s talk about my shoulder really soon on the blog, because that’s big news.  I’m off for a hike/doing a puzzle drinking Red Chair at Riverside/hanging out with Eric on his day off.  Also, if you didn’t yet know, NEW GORILLAZ OUT NOW!!!!!!

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