#5 Bonk

Phew.   I just made it through Mary Roach’s Bonk here tonight while wearing my snuggie.  Tera was on the other couch knitting with her snuggie on.  Yeah, we know how to bring the party, people.  Let me know if we can come over later for some Wheel of Fortune and 9 o’clock news, but we’ll have to go home shortly afterwards to get a good night’s rest and I don’t like driving at night.

Any ways, Bonk was pretty good.  It got a bit dense with science talk, but was funny and interesting none the less.  I learned a lot about the science of sex and how everything really works down below.  I read Roach’s other book Stiff a couple years ago and I remember it being slightly more light hearted.  She is none the less witty and sharp in Bonk, especially in her footnotes.  Next up is a New York Times bestseller by an author who we will be see speaking in a couple weeks here in Bend.

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