Third try

I attempted to write two other topics and I think I’m going to nix both and just go for what’s on my mind regarding this year.  Last night it occurred to me that most of my year was defined by two days.  One in June and one in July.  I guess I should have lived the first 6 months of the year up a little bit more had I seen what was coming.  The July event was partially set up by the June event.  Damn you shoulder!

You know, it’s fine.  This year has taught me a lot about my own strength and got me back focused on my priorities and goals.  Learning from mistakes is good, no matter how painful it may be at first.  I wouldn’t want to relive this year, but I will end up taking more with me from this year than most years prior.  There will be many positive happenings in 2010, I’m predicting, and quite a few of them will be what grew out of the negative events of 2009.

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