Christmas cards

I don’t like to mention my Christmas card writing on fb as some people may be a little miffed they are not receiving one, but I would assume that most of you who read this blog are close enough friends or family members that you are receiving one.  If not, sorry!  About 1/3 of them are written, address and stamped.  All of the family ones are done.  The cards are just waiting for my picture to be picked up at Costco.  It looks like I will get most of these done before Christmas arrives and the rest should be shortly afterwards.  It’s a Christmas miracle after how much I was delaying my newsletter writing.  I think you’ll all be happy with it this year.  I proofread it about 8 times over a few days, so let me know if you catch any spelling errors.

It’s been a good weekend.  My old roommate and very good friend Jill is in town and we’ve been having a blast.  I swear something weird happens when Jill, Tera and I get together.  It just turns into a goof fest with lots of dancing and farting.  Yes farting.  Our friend Robin met up with us last night for a bit too.  And to prove it doesn’t take much to entertain us, let me give you our crazy afternoon yesterday.   We wore the hottest fashions down to Riverside Market to get some chips and pop and we ended up staying for about 4 hours.  There was a puzzle which was calling out to us asking us to work on it.  It’s perimeter had been completed and we did a good half/to two-thirds of it while we drank expired Red Chair bombers.  It was excellent.  After dinner there was some rumblings of going back over and completing it, but we decided to head home instead.  I think the girls were still hurting a little bit from the night before and none of us got much sleep.  I feel great this morning.  I can not remember the last time I slept so soundly through the night.  Had my roommate not woken me, I probably would still be sleeping right now.

I must be on my way.  I have to plow through some of this Sunday NY Times and try and get another bunch of cards written.  Everyone is welcome to come join the party!

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