God bless the USA. And C-SPAN.

Trying to find out anything about the Copenhagen Climate talks on US Television is apparently COMPLETELY impossible.  Not only that, but my head is going to explode with the IDIOCY of what we’re discussing on American TV.  My first attempt was to get info from C-SPAN, which is sometimes known to actually cover some important things that happen in the world.  We get 3 C-SPAN channels here on our cable.   The first one is covering the debate in the US House of Representatives on “Restricting Loudness of TV Commercials.”  C-SPAN2 is General James Conway discussing the equipment in use in Afganistan for the Marines and what we’re buying and what we need.  C-SPAN3 is covering World Oil Supplies meeting with the Oil Minister of Nigeria.  Oh wait.  C-SPAN3 just switched to the anti-health care reform rally in DC.  Should I even tell you what the news networks are covering?  Ok ok, I will.  Yup, everyone get ready, the Boeing Dreamliner is about to take its first test flight! Holy shit!  Hold me back cause this excitement is TOO MUCH.

I should have never turned on the television because I’m going to rip my hair out.  The last 10 minutes of television I’ve watched is a microcosm of what is wrong with America today.  Where do we start to change America?  Should I just leave the country now before we go down into real flames?

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