so it’s 7 in the morning.  my tea cup is full as i need to start warming up my extremities.  just got back from keeping the world safe from ice.  it’s -8 out (sans windchill) and has been all night.  yikes!  cold.  stuff was freezing so fast. mostly my face.  the two engines i have to pull start were not very happy last night.  it took me 45 minutes to get them both finally going.  that was super neat.  today was the closest my car has ever come to not firing up when i’ve turned the key.  it was a clear night though and i now wish i would have taken a picture of some of the sparkly trees i saw at some of my accounts.  they were really pretty.

i’m not sure if yesterday even happened.  it seems like some weird dream sequence.  i will probably be thinking the same about this post when i wake up in a few hours.

this tea needs to be consumed and i need a few hours of sleep before my dr appointment.  keep it real homies!

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