Richard Gere in hot water

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=richard+gere&iid=6890401″ src=”6/5/b/8/Amelia_Sneak_Peek_23f2.jpg?adImageId=7970237&imageId=6890401″ width=”234″ height=”329″ /]  Apparently after cutting down some trees sans proper permission at his Westchester County, New York, Richard Gere could be looking at a $50,000 fine.  He supposedly cut down 200 trees without permit.

Read more here: Gere’s Tree Troubles

This is a good case of why it is important to make sure any tree work being completed has been approved by the city or neighborhood association.  The urban forest is everyone’s and must be treated as so.  The line of ownership of trees can sometimes become fuzzy when situations like this arise.  The urban forest is everyone’s and must be treated as so. Those trees were an integral part of the urban fabric and now the whole community is down 200 trees to benefit from having around.  A bummer for Westchester County.  It sounds as is Mr. Gere may be willing to replace some of the trees, but he’s missing the point of how valuable a mature tree is in a city.  I wonder if the tree service that removed the trees realized they were doing work without the proper permit.

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