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BBC NEWS | Technology | Digital cloud plan for city skies


BBC NEWS | Technology | Digital cloud plan for city skies.


via BBC NEWS | Technology | Digital cloud plan for city skies.


How about a could to walk around in the sky for the 2012 Olympics?  This seems pretty cool.  I know I’d venture a walk up the stairs to have an interesting view of the city.   Let’s see if they can raise the money now.

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Move in date.

How’s your schedule look around August 2011?  I’m available.

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I give it 6 months and it’s done.   Reason behind new found insight:  I almost dislocated it putting my zip up hoodie on tonight.  Tight.   Errr…..or not so tight.  Literally.  HOLLA!

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some goals

SECRET SURPRISE POST!  I thought I posted this last week, but apparently it didn’t go live.  So here it is, a few days late.


Well, I’ve recently gotten into zucchini.  Green and yellow.  Not only that, but quite a few different cooked vegetables.  This is a huge step as I have never really been into vegetables that much at all.  Especially not cooked ones (still staying away from mushy carrots).  The other vegetables I’ve been eating as of late include egg plant, peppers of various colors, purple potatoes,  green beans and broccoli.  So I found this to be a really positive step in my life.  And now I’m thinking what other things I’d like to get into sometime soon.

1.  Tree climbing.  The safe kind.

2.  Mushrooms (non hallucinogenic kind) .  There was some in the chicken curry I ate the other night and I didn’t even notice.

3. Phone calls.  Yikes.  Good luck to me on that.

4.  Grad school?  Kind of killing this UF class right now.  I could go far in this field.  Hmm.

national_park_famil_vacation_passportYeah, that’s only 4, but it’s enough for now.

Also, I was thinking another sweet life goal would be to visit all the National Parks in the US.  I think I’ve been to 12 or something, but I’d have to go back to them and get one of those US Park passports and collect all 58 stamps.

Well, it’s Friday night and I’m sober.  Best thing to do at this point is to head to bed.  I’ve got a fair bit of homework I’d like to knock out this weekend.  Projects, reading, writing etc.  I didn’t know school was going to kick my ass into gear like this.  It’s fantastic.  Ok kids, have a good weekend.  Peace.

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Another plan

I have a variation of a previous plan to get to you.  Really I just need to woman up and decide on something.  If I can get this current plan approved, I’m going for it.  Time to do it.  No more pussy footing around kids.

Bee in Foxglove in Hyde Park



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Barack Movie

[picapp src=”1/1/e/a/Obama_Makes_Statement_57d3.jpg?adImageId=7279648&imageId=6996080″ width=”500″ height=”350″ /] To continue our unintended behind the scenes theme for the day yesterday, Tera and I followed up This Is It with By The People: The Election of Barack Obama on HBO.  It was pretty neat to see the progression of the election, although it was not as well developed as it could have been.  I did like seeing candid moments from the Obama family and some of the advisors to Obama like David Axelrod.  It’s worth a watch.

I took today off.  There’s loads of homework to get through this week and since work is about to ebb out for the year it seemed like the logical thing to do today.  Pretty nice times.  And I’ve got this Hot Shots tourney to finish up.  It can’t wait any longer.  I’m not going into it very confidently as I get overwhelmed with apathy as soon as I really get into it.  Same thing happens during poker tournaments.  Once I finally start winning, I stop caring and just don’t want to play anymore.  It’s a character flaw I admit.

Well, must get one of these discussion boards posted before the competition arrives.  Cheers.

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This is it

Just got back from the MJ movie.  So good and inspiring.  I’d add it to my list of recommended movies.  It was nice to see MJ in a positive light, rather than what we had seen in the last few years.  The BS was cut out and it was just Michael in his element.  In his art.  It really has made me want to be better at what I do in life and to live for the love.  The movie was all love.

I’m sitting here wondering what my next step in life will actually be.  As per usual.  But the future is breathing heavily down my neck.  Really I don’t mind it.  I’ll get it sorted here shortly.  Ok, I’ve got reading to get done for class.  Peace and love my friends.

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