Cooking adventure

Last night was pretty cool.  Despite being sleep deprived and shoulder surgery weighing heavily on my heart, I managed to cook up a pretty mean dinner for Rickey, Tera and myself.  It was all vegetarian as well.  There’s no goal for me to become a vegetarian, friends.  Lately I have been attempting to cut back on red meat just because I know it’s not the best thing for my body.  There has been some turkey, but that’s about it (ok I went to taco stand a couple times and got a beef combo burrito, but just 2 times in the last 2 months!).  So I guess I feel better with my uptick in veggie eating.  It’s been a good adventure for me to delve into.  Last night was no exception.

ratatouille before going into the oven

ratatouille before going into the oven

On the menu was ratatouille, creole-style (I don’t know what made it creole but that’s what my cook book was calling it) green beans and a couple of yellow potatoes lightly seasoned and buttered.  It was really delicious.  Never in my life did I think I would be making ratatouille, but here I am.  There was a little problem with the eggplant being a little mushy and under garlic’d but that will be corrected next time I make it.  It seems as though everyone enjoyed the dinner as all plates were cleared by the end of the meal.  This could definitely be a new hobby for me.   Cooking has never been one of my strong areas.  Well, I do make a mean bowl of popcorn, good chicken noodle soup and great chili, but that is about it.  Hopefully I can keep you guys up to date on any great meals I create this winter.  Cooking up real meals is great because there’s nearly always leftovers so you can enjoy it for the next couple days.

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Any ways, not much else going on here in central oregon.  Trying my hardest to work on my final project for my class, but I am struggling with motivation.  It’s kind of been kind of hectic the last few days, but starting this afternoon my schedule is clear for a bit.  Thanksgiving this year will be celebrated with Peppy Hernandez and her crew.  Apparently there will be underwear on the outside of our pants and mustaches on our faces for the meal.  Sounds good to me!  I’m bringing the turkey (hope it’s big enough!) and stuffing.  This is probably the easiest thing to be bringing, although I may try and whip up a pumpkin pie tomorrow if I feel so inspired.

Ok everyone, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the good food!  cheers.

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