Barack Movie

[picapp src=”1/1/e/a/Obama_Makes_Statement_57d3.jpg?adImageId=7279648&imageId=6996080″ width=”500″ height=”350″ /] To continue our unintended behind the scenes theme for the day yesterday, Tera and I followed up This Is It with By The People: The Election of Barack Obama on HBO.  It was pretty neat to see the progression of the election, although it was not as well developed as it could have been.  I did like seeing candid moments from the Obama family and some of the advisors to Obama like David Axelrod.  It’s worth a watch.

I took today off.  There’s loads of homework to get through this week and since work is about to ebb out for the year it seemed like the logical thing to do today.  Pretty nice times.  And I’ve got this Hot Shots tourney to finish up.  It can’t wait any longer.  I’m not going into it very confidently as I get overwhelmed with apathy as soon as I really get into it.  Same thing happens during poker tournaments.  Once I finally start winning, I stop caring and just don’t want to play anymore.  It’s a character flaw I admit.

Well, must get one of these discussion boards posted before the competition arrives.  Cheers.

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