keeping my cool

Seasonitis is out of control.  If there’s anything that could be worse than seasonitis it is procrastinating on the season, which only prolongs the pain.  This is something I’ve done to myself.  Should have pushed through earlier.  I’ve got work for the next couple weeks for sure.   It’ll be better once next Wednesday hits as I will no longer be mowing.  Put me out of my misery.  Any ways………

For some reason I had this revelation about learning and doing tonight while watching Botany of Desire.  It finally clicked that people who have advanced degrees are not anymore innately intelligent than most people.  They have only put forth the effort to learn and expand their knowledge.  Yeah, I guess at some level I always knew this, but it seems much clearer now.  There was this Professor in NY in the program who was working to increase the resistance to apple scab (amongst other projects I imagine) in common apple varieties.   I kept thinking to myself while they showed clips of him that I could probably do what he does with some more training.  This coupled with my recent discovery that nothing I’ve been studying this year is terribly difficult, I think I’m probably more intelligent than I give myself the self-confidence for mentally.  Does this mean I am going to run out and get a Master’s degree or PhD?  Mmmmm probably not.  But I may be more likely to do so in the future.  This of course is negating my previous acceptance into grad school which was nixed because of visa issues (Cheers immigration). That acceptance, while I would have been more than happy to do it, actually really scared the crap out of me.  I though I wouldn’t be able to get the degree done because I wasn’t smart enough.  No, kids, I was incorrect.  All it takes is initiative, interest and motivation.  There you go.

So it’s cool to learn about yourself and the limitations you put on your own being for really no apparent reason at all.  What’s even cooler to learn is that there are no limitations.  You can do whatever you like.  And as long as you try really really hard, you’ll probably succeed.  Neat.  And on that note, I shall write my proposal for my class project now.  Cheers.

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