4 years

Thursday I celebrated my 4 year anniversary of being in Bend.  My how time flies.  It seems like just a couple weeks ago I was sitting in Fireside telling some people we just met that I had been here for 4 weeks and they had been here for 6 years.  And 6 years seemed like an awfully long time to me.  Now I’m at 4 years and it seems as though it all keeps speeding by.  It has been another non-stop, crazy year here.   Lots of ups and downs, but things are looking really bright now.  I’m excited for the moment and for what’s next.

For some reason I woke up wide awake at 6:10 this morning.  I think it was Piccadilly rummaging around.  But it’s good.  It’s sometimes nice to have these insanely early Saturday mornings as it seems to really calm my life.  Plus I get a lot done.  My laundry is already in the washing machine and on the rinse cycle.  I’m going to  try and skype some people today so they can see how pretty I am still.  I hope get through a couple more chapters of my tree books (all of them collectively) and study some tree id.  It’s a good time learning about trees.  I hope it’s going to get me somewhere.

[picapp src=”f/6/b/9/Oregon_State_v_f801.jpg?adImageId=6491321&imageId=6700687″ width=”380″ height=”258″ /]  It would be neat if the ASU v. Stanford game was on tv.  I realized last night it’s in Stanford.  If I would have realized sooner, I probably would have gone to the game.  Alas, I am severely broke and wouldn’t be able to drive down there without going more in debt.  The view on TV is better any ways, but it would have been sweet to get a picture with that tree mascot of theirs.  Any ways, I was impressed with our play last weekend against UW (at least the last 20 seconds) and think we may have a chance against Stanford.  It would be a huge road victory for us and may give us some momentum heading into the 2nd half of the season.  Go Sun Devils!

Alright, I’m going to crack one of these tree books and start reading.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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