Anyone want to work for me today?  We’ve got a lovely layer of ice on everything here in central oregon with more coming down as I write.  We decided to push work back a half an hour because neither me or my partner wanted to try to brave this yet.  Ugh. I’d rather have a snow day or a rainy day.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I don’t know what my deal is.  Busy?  Possibly.  Been dedicating a couple nights a week to homework.  Oh this past weekend was Bend Film.  It was a blast as usual.  I saw 4 documentaries and one feature, although I fell asleep during the feature.  Staying up till midnight on a Friday usually doesn’t work for me.  The films I did manage to stay awake for were great.  It’s always fun to see what I will take away from the films.  The tag line for the fest is 4 days that will stick with you.  It’s no joke as some of those movies have made an indelible mark on my life.  This year I’ll be taking away the idea of getting into locally produced food (perhaps joining a CSA?), perhaps living a hippie lifestyle at some point and not to binge drink anymore.  Yup.

Well, I know this one is kind of random, but I must be off to get ready for work.  Stay cool, kids.  Bye Bye

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