Snow day

Well, it’s Sunday funday, but it’s also a snow day.   And if this snow doesn’t melt itself off in the next 16 hours, I’ll be having another snow day tomorrow.  That’ll be a four day weekend for me folks.  An unintentional four day weekend.  Oh well.  I wasn’t surprised to see the snow to start falling at quarter till seven this morning, but the amount of it was pretty shocking.  I’d say we ended up with well over two inches.  We had already planned a morning breakfast at the Vic, so we trudged through the wet crappy snow.  It wasn’t really a good day to be on the road.  There was a lot of slipping from what I saw and more importantly, there were tree branches going down left and right.  With in about a 10 minute period we saw the larch trees across the street lose some branches as well as the Elm tree on our triangle.  Here at our house, we had some pretty severe limb loss on the maple next to our house.  The limbs ended up landing right on the power and cable lines into the house.  I guess the wind took some of the limbs off the line and our landlord took some of the other weight off.  Something tells me we’re not in the clear.  The forecast says more snow tonight to come.  And with the deciduous trees baring most of their leaves still, there’s bound to be more damage.  I feel pretty bad for the trees.  They are in high stress mode.

Any ways, it’s been another full week for me.  I started my class and I had a decent bit of homework to get through.  I love learning about urban forestry and arboriculture.  It’s a great fall for me for learning.

There’s not that much else going on here.  We’re staying warm inside the house today trying to keep ourselves busy with nonsense.  I just made a huge pot of chili which should feed me for the next week.  WITH CELERY!  Woot.

That’s all.  How’s the weather in your parts?

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