Keeping my head down

Well, it was a 84 degree first day of Autumn here in Central Oregon, a 45 degree temperature swing from when I biked to work this morning.  It’s a beautiful evening.  I’m about to go for a run.  My running legs are not what they used to be.  I’ll be lucky to make it 30 minutes.

It’s been a hectic week and half.  My PLANET testing is finally completed for the weekend.  I believe I mentioned I did pass one test and I should get results for my other one here in a couple weeks or two.  You’ll be reading the blog of one of the most qualified workers at the Team.  Impressed, aren’t you?  At least I hope my clients are.  They more than likely don’t have a clue.  Oh well.  On top of that, this guy Eric wants to hang out CONSTANTLY, so I do him a favor and oblige.  It seems to suck up my nights, but tonight he’s out working in beautiful Culver so I have a bit of time to fuss about here on this here computer of mine.

This weekend looks to be a relaxing one.  There are no plans (studying, Colleen?) as of yet.  Probably the usual good times with good people.  Perhaps a beer or two thrown in as well.  I’m coasting into the Fall, with most of my “extra” work done at work.  It should be a smooth trip to the finish line.  My cash situation is bleak (purposefully)  as I am trying to be able to make it through this winter.  Does anyone have any predictions on snow fall this winter?  It would be beneficial to have a busy snow season.  With no travel plans for this winter, I’ll be more than willing to work as much as I can.  Well, from inside a warm truck that is.  My pretty hands would get too cold to work outside.

Alright, I’ll go give this running thing a try right now.  Got to keep fit, right?  Keep it real kids!

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