Ready to get it started

Yesterday I drove over to Eugene to take the silly landscaping test I’ve been gearing up to take for the last couple months.  I was actually kind of disappointed in how easy it was.  Really, I was expecting much more from the test, but it ended up being the same questions that were in the study guide.  It was good news as I cruised through it.  My knowledge should have been tested more intricately.  There weren’t even any pictures to identify stuff.  Oh well.  Another certification under my belt.  It certainly will not hurt me in my career path.

On my way over to Eugene I could not take my eyes off of the trees as I tried to identify all of them along the road.  I could have been way off on the tree names, but I was trying.  This was the umpteenth trip for me over santiam pass and I have never experienced the trip in that way.  It was refreshing.  I’m amped up to take my arborist test here in the next few months.  This week I will start hacking away at the study guide and soon enough try to pass the exam.  this new path down the tree road is revitalizing my whole career path.  Suddenly I feel as though I’m on the brink of a big change.  A giant step up from where I’ve been.  I’m so ready and almost prepared.  The formal certifications and such are a confidence booster for me.  I may in fact have a clue what I’m doing out there in the landscape.  And those improbable dreams (well improbable to other people) that I’ve been putting out there for myself for all these years may be closer to becoming to reality than I realize.

Any ways, tomorrow is back to the good old grind.  Fertilizing AND edging week.  Woot.  I can hardly contain myself.  Bye kids.

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