Force of Nature

I am on my way upstairs to do some studying, but felt there was a little bit of procrastination left in my body that needed to get out.  Plus I’m feeling a little agitated over issues that will do nothing but keep coming up almost daily are driving me nuts.  It will take all my strength to keep my cool but I’m already slipping.  Stay strong, Colleen.  Keep your level high………  So this Red Tail Ale will calm my nerves, I hope, and give me the patience to do the studying that needs to be completed.  I’m stoked to keep up my learning crazy high over the next few months and see where it leads me.  Only good things are in my future, at least me work future, I predict.  And that’s the thing.  If I can keep my focus, the other crap won’t matter.  I’ll be too busy to be fussed.

I say that now but those long lonely winter hours sometimes drive me to the brink of insanity.  Not too unlike The Shining.  Be on the look out for the “all work and no play” post.  It may be a sign that you need to come rescue me from the depths.

My horoscope says I’ll be a force of nature over the next few days and to note which people around me are able to favorably respond to my outbreak of my elemental gifts.  Will do.

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