It’s a Holiday!

This weekend has been so relaxing.  It’s always nice to have an extra day off from work, especially when work has become as grinding as it has in the last few weeks.   The major plans for today are watching more US Open, eating, and doing some studying for the test I have in Eugene this Saturday.  The big accomplishment for the weekend was creation of the Love Lounge!  Eric and I took a trip to the furniture store yesterday and scored a sweet futon for the upstairs of our house.  It still feels as though we have yet to totally move into our house after 2 months.  The futon purchase was a positive step forward.  We also went and got a bunch of pillows to make it more cozy.  We have a tv and the PS2 up there as well.  I hope to be utilizing the space regularly this winter.  Porch life is about to be shut down for the season.  Yesterday the weather was windy and cold as fall began to blow into Bend.  So we really needed an alternative space to read and chat.  Maybe I can rally some pictures of the Love Lounge up here soon.

That’s about it.  Tera and I need to get some food into our stomachs real soon like.  Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day!  Cheers, C-Unit.

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