Poor little trees

This was the excitement of my work week.  Yeah, it’s a pretty crazy life I have here in Bend.  I was super duper uninterested in working on Thursday, but this reinvigorated my desire to keep doing what I’m doing.  Not that I was about to give up on it all, but this was cool to find and fix and, I hope, end up saving two trees.  These two Austrian pines have been struggling since I have been taking care of this account.  My co-worker thought it was a nutrient deficiency since they were on a bit of a berm and they do some heavy watering here.  Recently they were treated for an insect problem.  But me and my incredible landscaping skills noticed on Thursday that there was still nylon tied around the tree trunk on the first sad tree.  So I went ahead and pulled as much of it out from the trunk as I could.  When I got up I took a look at the other Austrians that we nere by and they were having the same problem.  I dug around the second one and found more nylon string.  The third Austrian didn’t seem to have any string around it, but it was doing a lot better than those other two.  I pulled the mulch away from the trunks a bit and put some fertilizer on all of the trees.  Actually I ended up finding an aspen with some nylon still taut around it’s wire basket as well.  It was a good feeling to know I probably just saved the trees.   It actually fairly common that the idiots who plant the trees don’t remember to take the string off from around the plants.  These guys have been in the ground for 5+ years.  It may have taken another year or two to totally kill them.  So make sure you dig down around the base of your plants if they start checking out on you.  Mechanical injury is a major cause of plant death. Also, I have no idea why these pictures are doing what they are doing.  WP is not allowing the pictures and the words to mix together apparently and won’t let me post them in any order.  Sorry, it’s super annoying.  And to complete the work picture fun, there’s a picture of my dog boyfriend Jackson.  He’s a stud and he knows it.

I’ve got to get back to my sport watching marathon.  Tennis and college football!  Too much.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Hot dog boyfriend

Hot dog boyfriendSad Tree #2's string

Sad Tree #2

Sad Tree #2

Sad Tree #1's string

Sad Tree #1's string

Sad Tree #1

Sad Tree #1

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