Windy day

There is some truth to it being much calmer in the morning for wind conditions.  It seems weird to me, but I guess somewhere in the science of the earth there is a reason for it.  Luckily I got my 30 oz of glyphosate down at the Rim today before the wind picked up and I could no longer spray.  The headache I have today will be blamed on the high rate of chemicals I’ve touched today.  Pesticides AND fertilizer, JOY!   The ride home was a bit harder than normal since the wind was coming straight out of the southwest, which just happens to be the direction my house is from work.  On the plus side,  I rallied myself to stop at the store and pick up a new battery for the bike odometer/spedometer.  Back to ZERO for my miles.  Actually, it reset itself to kilometers which will have to be remedied.  But any ways, please remember I had about 140 miles on the bike when it reset so when I reach 1000 miles again, you’ll all be even more surprised to see how fast I do it.

In other exciting developments here, I bought a ball pump so I can now play with my soccer ball once again.  I’ve missed it.  That’s all I got.

I just tried to post a clever little video I recorded in the redwoods but it wasn’t going.  Instead you get this picture of a guy doing some fire dancing/juggling at a block party last Labor day weekend.  Arguably, it may be cooler than any picture I post from the redwoods.  I like it.  It’s something I don’t see myself doing anytime.   No, I shouldn’t put limits on myself, but I think putting limits on how close I will allow spinny fireballs to get to my body should be exempt.




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