So over it!

Another weekend is wrapping up here.  We’ve settled down into watching a Seattle Sounders game.  It’s a tough transition to go from watching Premiership matches to MLS matches.  The skill level and match play is remarkably different.  I imagine I’ll be sticking to Premiership matches as much as possible from now on.

My shoulder is deteriorating.  Tomorrow I’ll be making an appointment for a second opinion.  Not sure I can make it through the season if the shoulder keeps getting worse as it has been for the last week.  This sucks.  It really really sucks.  It’s really depressing to be back at square one.  Actually probably farther back than square one.  Square zero?

On a better note, here’s a couple pictures from the Redwoods trip.  pretty trees

standing on rock

standing on rock

beach camping....kind of.

beach camping....kind of.

we’re about to watch the hangover.  our bbf’s bri and patty are over.  and tera is eating a yum bowl.  i told them i’d give them a blog shout out.  i need some ice up in here or something.  shoot me.  ok bye bye

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