A beautiful Saturday

The Cascades are beautiful

The Cascades are beautiful

I could get used to these weekends which are so quiet, relaxed and rejuvenating.  It can’t help but make me feel more like I want to be feeling and perhaps a little more focused on what I’m aiming for (ie better friend, better worker, better lover (general lover or not so general lover)).  So I will go outside and sit on the porch studying and thinking the day away after I finish this post.  The weather is in the 70s and perfectly sunny.  As I type the sun is pouring in the window behind my head, warming my head and lighting up my hands on my computer.  Not a terrible way to be spending a morning.

There are no exact plans for the weekend.  Maybe a barbeque tonight with friends?  I wouldn’t mind seeing some mountains,trees or water up close, but I won’t be fussed if I don’t.  I’ve been gushing over a certain young (youngish) man recently and perhaps will have the pleasure of spending some time in his company this weekend once he returns back to Bend tonight.  It’s weird to feel all squishy mushy inside, but I’m not complaining.  I quite enjoy it.  🙂

So now that I’ve gotten mostly out of the hole I dug for myself, I hope to be keeping up with writing more regularly again.  You may have noticed.  It feels great to not be down in the hole anymore.  It wasn’t very roomy, or bright or warm.  And I was becoming a bit self obsessed (read Gollum from LoTR). So I’m out.  Peace to you my friends.

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