Every year, come August the senioritis kicks in.  Or should I say Seasonitis?  We’ve made it over the hump.  The landscaping season is all downhill from here.  The only problem is that it’s still hot and there’s still a lot of grass to be mown.  So I struggle to get out of the truck at each account, thinking about the hundreds of other things I’d rather be doing than mowing this dang place all over again.  Did we JUST mow it?  I hope to make it strongly through to September because that is actually when it gets a little easier.   Enough about work.

I sent Mum packing this afternoon.  We had a nice visit here in the CO.   Very productive and relaxing.  I’ll tell you Piccadilly will be happy to have me back in my own bed tonight though.  I think we’re both tired of sleeping on the couch and being out of our routine.  I’m in need of a good night’s sleep.  There was the normal biking to work today but there was a slight change of plans and I ended up having to run (like in running shoes) to work to get my bike.  It was mid 80s with no shade.  And dry.  So I’m pooped.  My bed sounds tempting right now but at 4:40 in the afternoon I should attempted to stay up for a little while longer.

Well, I need to make some phone calls so I’ll log off now.   Cheerio.

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